Terms of Service

The following terms apply to any service supplied by Stuart Shand Medical - trading by any name.

1. Full payment is required by the due date outlined on the invoice.
2. Interest will be charged at the statuatory rate of 8% plus Bank of England Base Rate on all overdue invoices.
3. Any costs incurred in the recovery of debt (including, but not limited to, recorded mail) will be chargable to the client.
4. Should an invoice not be paid in full prior to the due date any future commitments to the client may be cancelled.
5. Client cancellation of services is subject to the following terms:
i. A full refund will be issued with 28 days' notice of cancellation.
ii. A 50% charge will be incurred by the client with 7 days' notice of cancellation.
iii. The customer is required to pay the invoice in full with fewer than 7 days' notice of cancellation.
6. A full refund will be issued if services are cancelled by Stuart Shand Medical.
7. It may be necessary to provide a smaller number of staff for events than agreed in advance (due to e.g. illness) - Stuart Shand Medical will use every means possible to provide the service with reduced staffing in this case.
8. In the event of a serious or major incident at an event (as defined by the Stuart Shand Medical person in charge) it may be necessary to cease provision of normal service while the incident is ongoing.
9. No contract has been made to supply goods purchased until they are shipped.
10. Orders placed through eBay will be cancelled if not paid within four hours.
11. Any flat-rate shipping fee quoted applies only to shipping within the United Kingdom.
12. All goods supplied remain the property of Stuart Shand Medical until paid for in full.
13. The responsibility for goods supplied is transferred to the buyer on delivery.
14. Stuart Shand Medical will not accept the return of any goods after seven days following delivery.
15. Stuart Shand Medical reserves the right to change these terms at any time.